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    1. Check-in/out time
    Check in time is from 3pm to 10pm. No check-in is available after 10pm. We have no curfew. For checking out, you can leave anytime in the morning. (The reception is open from 8am).
    2. Book online
    We accept bookings only through ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM.
    For booking through this official webiste, You wilil get a FREE DRINK ticket at the cafe downstairs.
    Please select how to make the payment, “Pay on arrival by cash or credit card” or “Pay online”. If you wish to pay on arrival, the credit number will be still required to secure your reservation.
    3. Luggage storage.
    You can arrive anytime available between 8am and 10pm for your luggage storage. It’s no problem you can take a rest in the lounge room or cafe.
    Bed-sharing kids are welcome at the private rooms. JPY1000 will be charged per 1 child if they are 3 years of age and older. One bed-sharing kid is acceptable per one adult.
    (Please note that it’ll be so tight for Bed-sharing in *Twin room 1 and *Double room.)
    Mixed dormitory room : groups of 7+ people can not book in this room.
    Female dormitory room: groups of 3+ people can not book the this room.
    (Please book the private room, or separate into the several rooms, or we’ll arrange rooms for you and ask you to pay an extra fee.) Groups of 7+ people can not book our hostel.
    6. We start accepting reservations 3-4 months in advance.
    Please check the availabilities on the booking site.
    7. If you don’t find vacancies at U-en, please check our group hostels.
    The Pax Hostel
    The Blend Inn


    Cancellation / No show policy



    4 days before on the day & No show

    Please note: In the case of No show in first night, all reservations will be automatically canceled, and the price of total nights will be charged.